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Birth Class Lake Tahoe
Holistic Childbirth Prep Class

Holistic Birth classes prepare parents for labor and birth with a balance of practical information for the head and gentle guidance for a journey into the heart. With a combination of evidence based information, hands on practice and self discovery, you and your partner will gain wisdom and skills to confidently navigate any scenario that may arise during your journey through pregnancy, birth and parenting. Learn More >

Birth Class Lake Tahoe
Comfort Measures for Birth

Comfort Measures for Birth is a one day 4 hour workshop designed to help you and your partner discover and practice the countless tools available as you venture into the unknown and cope with the intensity of labor. With a mindfulness based approach, this class is a great option for families hoping for an unmedicated labor or planning an epidural. Learn More >

Breastfeeding Class Lake Tahoe
Breastfeeding Essentials Prenatal Class

Breastfeeding is absolutely “natural,” and provides numerous benefits to both Mother and Baby, however, just because it's natural doesn't mean it always comes naturally to a Mom and Baby dyad.  As with any any new journey, some preparation goes a long way. This 3 hour class is packed with practical information to give you and your family a chance at a great start with breastfeeding!  Learn More >

VBAC In Awareness Class
VBAC In Awareness Class

This is a brief refresher class for families who have had one or more prior cesareans and would like more information and support for a vaginal birth after cesarean.  We will have brief discussion about the current VBAC research and I will provide you with resources to help you feel informed on your options and prepare for your transition to parenthood again! Learn More >

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