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Breastfeeding Class Lake Tahoe
Breastfeeding Essentials Prenatal Class

Breastfeeding is absolutely “natural,” and provides numerous benefits to both Mother and Baby, however, just because it's natural doesn't mean it always comes naturally to a Mom and Baby dyad.  As with any any new journey, some preparation goes a long way. This 3 hour class is packed with practical information to give you and your family a chance at a great start with breastfeeding!  With tips and tricks and tools to manage common concerns, we will fill up your “breastfeeding toolbox.”


Topics include:

  • How it works: breast anatomy, hormones and milk production

  • What to expect in the first few days & weeks

  • How to achieve and recognize a great latch

  • Positions for both Mom and Baby

  • How Partners can help

  • Is my baby getting enough?

  • Common concerns and how to troubleshoot

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No upcoming classes are scheduled for 2023
If you are interested in classes please contact me.
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Private Classes Also Available
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