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Comfort Measures for Birth

Comfort Measures for Birth is a one day 4 hour workshop designed to help you and your partner discover and practice the countless tools available as you venture into the unknown and cope with the intensity of labor.  WIth a mindfulness based approach, this class is a great option for families hoping for an unmedicated labor or planning an epidural.  You will leave with confidence and resources for any challenges or surprises that may arise.


Perfect for first time parents who just want extra practice or a great refresher for parents who have birthed before!

Class is dedicated to hands on active learning and practicing the following:


  • Mindfulness Practices & Breath Awareness

  • Positions and movements to facilitate labor

  • Visualizations and Relaxation techniques

  • Massage, Counter Pressure and Acupressure

  • Tools & Props including use of the birth ball, rebozo, TENS unit and more!

Carve out an afternoon for yourself, your partner and your baby!


*Please note, this is not a comprehensive childbirth course, ​It is highly recommended that parents take a childbirth prep class prior to taking Comfort Measures as the class does not cover theoretical topics such as stages of labor or typical hospital protocols.

There are no class dates scheduled for 2023.
Please contact me if you would like to see additional class dates!

Private Classes Also Available
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