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TENS Unit Rental

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator and I have units designed specifically for obstetrical use. It is used to help distract you from and experience less intense  sensations during labor contractions. The TENS is a hand held device that emits mild bursts of electricity through the skin. The unit has two sets of lead wires that connect to four electrode pads that are placed on the pregnant womans back, she has complete control of the unit. The TENS provides a tingling sensation to the area where the electrodes are placed when it is turned on. These sensations help to alleviate labor pain by helping your body release endorphins (you natural pain-killers), and by interrupting the pain signals being to your brain.


How is a TENS used?


The pregnant mother places the pads low on her back to provide distraction and relief during labor.  Once turned on there is a pulse like pattern of the stimulation. There is also a {boost} button that can be pressed during a contraction to provide constant (rather than the pulse) massage like stimulation. The user can manipulate the strength of the unit with controls on the device throughout labor. TENS units have been found to be more helpful when started earlier in labor.


What are the benefits?


The TENS unit is a drug free option for support with pain relief and may reduce the need for medications or eliminate it all together.  The stimulation from the TENS unit helps distract you, but does not fully mask or get rid of the pain in labor.  This can give you a sense of control as you make adjustments to the strength and type of stimulation you are receiving.  You can continue to move freely as you need to, with the exception for when you choose to use the shower or bath.  The pads can be saved though and reused.   


TENS Unit Rental

  • 5 week TENS unit rental (starting at 37 weeks)  

  • Rental includes all the supplies you need to use the unit, as well as the manufacturer instructions for use.  

  • Pick-up and drop-off in South Lake Tahoe, or the unit can be mailed for an additional shipping fee.

(+ refundable deposit)

*Use of a TENS Unit is included in my Doula Services.

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